Digital detox


I’m back. It’s been a while. 

Hasn’t the world gotten crazy?

Does anyone cringe when they see a selfie or couples looking at their phones over dinner? Mums on phones at playgroups, whilst little Freddie snatches a bundle of toys from a baby, who has not yet mastered the art of movement or handling toy loss.  

A few weeks back my toddler grabbed my phone and brought it over to me. He saw me without it and assumed I needed it. Always in my hand. I shuddered. I still do. 

So, just before Christmas, I decided to delete my favourite app of them all, Instagram, in an attempt to focus on my little family... and it was such a refreshing break.

I had clear symptoms of an Instagram addiction... night scrolling, morning scrolling, mid morning scrolling, lunchtime scrolling, struggling with a tight-wheeled buggy as I tried to handle my phone and push, talking to my toddler whilst staring down at my little light box, using up any precious me-time with pointless Instagram searches...

And it wasn’t just all those horrid habits, my life was full of “ohhh that’ll make a good photo”  and, rather than being present, I was considering a shot or what would look good on my “grid”. 

Well not any more. I deleted the app and didn’t log back on once over Christmas. I have only logged on this year to check messages. 

And, no part of me missed it. I have felt way more ‘with it’, less pressured and have enjoyed my boys that little bit more. 

What’s tricky is I love my little Instagram community. But I love the freedom I’m feeling. So, I’ve decided to keep my profile, but I will now only post once a day... at a set time... and be more selective with what I share.

So I will be a little quieter. But I am here. Please do email me if you need me.

Now for the one post a day... I’ve had a few ideas... watch this space...


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