Nurturing Mums - week 3


First Aid. Oh man did I want this first time around. I felt I was so under equipped, in safety knowledge, for a new baby. This time around though, I’d got a little complacent. Until this weekend, my toddler...

Fell over the arm of the sofa and cut his tongue.

Fell down two steps in our (tiled) kitchen.

Tipped over the back of our dining room chairs onto the same (tiled) kitchen floor.

(This is the best one) Wedged a sultana up his nose whilst we were driving along long, country lanes.

This was all in the space of 24 hours. 

For those of you thinking “where the hell were you Mum”, I was right there for every single incident. My legs and arms just didn’t seem to react quick enough to his ninja moves. And it never occurred to me handing him a pack of sultanas would end up with a “muma... (cute point)... nose” situation.

Anyway, guilt ramble over, I headed a little more eagerly to the Nurturing Mums first aid training. 

Betty, from Baby Safe Training, was there when we arrived and set up with a couple of manikin bodies, as you’d expect.

She talked through DrABC, which were steps when something dangerous happens, and then advice for the much feared choking potential... all of which were taught in such a fanstasticly chilled, but memorable, way. 

Betty then kindly gave us tips, tricks and things to look out for if a smaller accident happens - falls, bumps, small burns and... sultanas. Yes, that’s right, she told me what to do with stuck sultanas... worth it alone.

We learnt CPR - baby, child and adult. We learnt positions and moves for choking little ones. We learnt how to help anyone if an accident happens on our watch.

My biggest take-outs... when a child is choking don’t stick your fingers in their mouths. For sultanas, don’t use your fingers or tweezers. And if you ever have to perform CPR, be confident, what you do would not make anything worse and could keep someone alive... 

I really thought Betty was awesome and the advice, the most valuable yet.  And she taught it in such a way that I’ve woken up remembering the key bits - 5, 30, 2 30, 2...

Thanks Nurturing Mums. Thanks Betty.


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