It all started when...

...I had my son in June 2015. I suddenly had to walk a lot and stop for many, needed caffeine hits.

My previous life was busy. I worked in town and would socialise quite a bit in the evenings, eating at restaurants in and around where I worked. I loved trying new places. 

I moved to Muswell Hill in 2013, but didn't have a relationship with it. I always saw it as a place for families and, the Broadway, a place for browsing the chain shops.

My husband and I would hit Giraffe sometimes, but I generally felt N10 lacked a bit of independent character and a good place for coffee!

When I had my son I discovered a different local town. I fell in love with it and started jotting down where I had been. Alongside this, lots of lovely little places started opening and, with local people telling me they found my blog useful, I started talking to the owners and staff to understand what was on offer.

I designed the 'US in Muswell' shopping bag, containing a bunch of offers from these great local places, to represent the community that was clearly in N10 - offering a shortcut for busy workers in town.  

And then I doodled my "doodle".

I was completely touched by the response from locals, so I carried on sharing any doodles I did!

And there it is. That is my story and how theMOSSYhill.com was born.

I am now typing with a second baby brewing, due in May, and I hope to have the opportunity (read: time) to blog some more about our local gems.

I love hearing from people, so please drop me a note if you'd like a coffee, a 'Faces to Places' interview or a personalised illustration.