Nurturing Mums week 2


I missed two sessions with Nurturing Mums last month - Sleep and First Aid. I was gutted, as I don’t get much sleep and constantly worry about my kids choking or hurting themselves :0

But I needn’t have worried as the Nurturing Mums ladies had my back. They invited me to join the sessions on their next course. Yep. I’m in. 

I’ve just got back from the sleep session with Maryanne Taylor, from The Sleep Works, and I’m pleased to say I learnt some stuff. After reading tons of books, forums and even talking to a sleep consultant with our first, I didn’t know if I’d learn that much new stuff. But Maryanne was great and helped remind me of a few things and taught me a few extras...  all in the same manner as every other Nurturing Mums session - no judgement and realistic advice.

My big take outs were:

Catch their sleep window - often earlier than you think. Sometimes the yawn or eye rub is too late and you’ve missed it - the story of my life.

Get little ones into a comforter (Muslin, safe toy, traditional comforter, a cut up old tshirt) - and get it to smell of you... sleep with it, shove it down your top, feed with it... it will act as a comfort for baby when you’re not there.

Cortisol - your are not my friend - the crazy stuff that is produced when kids are over tired, which then effects quality of sleep and ability to go to sleep. Damn you Cortisol. It’s all about those sleep windows... catch them before the Cortisol kicks in! 

We also discussed routines, timings, nap schedules, age related sleep, settling techniques, useful tools and tricks... 

And it was interesting to sit with a bunch of Mums who all had their own set of, very different, sleep challenges, all after the same thing... a night through and some peace and quiet in the day.

Thanks once again Nurturing Mums!