Nurturing Mums Week 4


What a lovely session this morning at Nurturing Mums...

This week was Weaning week, ran by the fabulous Sam Perkins from Happy Eaters.

I went in thinking everything would flood back to me from Baby number 1, but it didn't.

Not because my brain is sleep deprived (although I'm sure it has a part to play), but more because her approach was so much more "up my street" compared to all the previous weaning research and advice I'd found first time around. 

The session was laid back and informative as we talked our way though Baby Lead vs. Traditional weaning, when to wean, types of foods, rules and guidance around certain things, potential myths around weaning (your baby will start sleeping... yeah right), vits and nutrition needed, etc.

We all discussed our understanding and previous experiences (I was chuffed to meet a lady with two little boys, exactly the same age as mine)  and we quizzed Sam on the things we'd been told and advised... she gave honest and friendly feedback.

Everything she spoke about felt optional and helpful, no preaching, no judgement (even when I admitted Albert, my toddler, likes cake. And lots of it).

Sam felt like a realist (and as a mum of 3, I suspect she is) and she made me feel very comfortable and relaxed about entering this next stage. When the time is right of course...

 ... and that was the big take out for me - when the time is right. All these theories of babies needing food before 6 months ("he's waking a lot in the night because he's hungry", "he's looking at food, I think he's ready", "he's chewing everything") have been laid to rest, with the confidence to trust he will be ready when he's ready and 5.5-6.5 months is just about perfect...

... all this coupled with a few "first foods" suggestions has made me feel ready and set for the beginning of purée-ing, mushing, spooning, intently-staring-as-he-sucks-a-carrot-ing that is just around the corner!

I have heard Nurturing Mums use the term 'non-judgement advice' a few times now and, I must say, it's spot on... as a second timer to a weaning session, this one was a breath of fresh air and I wouldn't hesitate to give Sam a call if any problems arise as we dodge the Weetabix diet.

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