NBUR Friern Barnet

Boys look away. Unless you like a pedicure...

When we first moved to the area, I was on the look out for a replacement to my previous place for anything beauty related. My screening criteria - good value, relaxing environment, easy to book.

When driving along Tetherdown, I had spotted a little place called 'Natural Beauty Urban Retreat' (or 'NBUR' as they mostly use). It was in the garage that mirrored Chris Kitch.

I contacted them, but found out they were sadly moving location.

Boo. Sad face. 

I ended up trying a few places in Muswell Hill and all the places were "fine" but, for anything more treat like, I didn't bother.

And then, on one of my little North London explores, I found NBUR again!!! They were up in Friern Barnet. 

I hesitated to book because I assumed it was tricky to get to and park... but, on a 'please-sleep-son' drive mission, I discovered parking was free and easy around that way. 

So I booked in (so easily... they do it online. Bliss.) and headed there for a pre 'being-a-Bridesmaid' pamper. 

This little shop is small and sweet. I knocked on the door and waited for Danielle to let me in. I was early but she was lovely and started the treatment sooner than planned.

I booked a very run-of-the-mill eyebrow tidy, but followed it with a lovely pedicure. 

I have never experience someone be so attentive and detailed over a treatment. Danielle was so focused on me and my brows (!) and, I never thought I'd say this, but it was genuinely the best eyebrow clean up I've ever had! 

I went for the express pedicure after and it was nice to sit and chat to Danielle. She helped me pick a nice colour and made me feel super relaxed, whilst I sipped on a cuppa.

And, best of all, new customers get 20% off... so I got a bargain for such a great experience!! 

I'm going to be coming back here. For EVERY appointment.

I don't go to these places much, so when I do I want to feel like it's a treat... and that's what this place is, time off and a treat. 

If you head up in the car... I parked on a side street opposite - there were tons of spaces and it was permit free. And Boydens is a small drive up the road too, if you fancied a coffee after :)

This is the website here - her Instagram is here and Facebook here.

You can book online... so all in all, so easy. 


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