Our Magic Little World


Have you seen the little tree door and scene down on Outram Road, Ali Pali? It’s towards the Albert Rd end. I discovered it after @allypallycollective posted a picture on her Instagram and set off to take a look. It isn’t a day trip or anything, but it was a lovely little touch to an otherwise normal London street.

Albert immediately wanted to get out of the pram and knock at the door,  admiring all the charming touches around the scene - a little deck chair, gnomes, picket fence, little rabbits, mushrooms, postbox… and once…a Dalek.

I fell in love with it and decided I wanted to do one for our street. And then chickened out. So I ended up using our path, behind the sanctuary of our front gate.

I bought a mini red door (with door numbers and glitter!!!!) and then came across ‘Magical Little World’ which sell everything you need to get going!

I now own a mandatory deck chair, a super cute washing line WITH CLOTHES and, my absolute favourite, a pile of parcels and letters.

Obviously, when I set up our scene, I was told by my eldest I must include a car and some windows… so out came the chalk.

My boys love it. It isn’t an everyday play thing, but it is a new discovery for all our kid friends, adult friends, neighbours and the much loved postman. Plus helps distract the kids when waiting for Daddy, when he has to return to the house to fetch his forgotten keys, wallet, dog bags, lead…. etc etc :)

And best of all, it makes me smile when I take the bins out or leave the house.

I’d say we all should have one... these charming little worlds are a touch of magic.