Nurturing Mums week 1


When Albert was little(r) I met Lucinda. Or 'Lovely Lucinda' as I like to call her. She asked if I was interested in her Postnatal course, Nurturing Mums, but sadly Albert had missed the 0-9 months window.

It was a shame because everything about the course sounded good and what I'd been looking for (or had paid for separate classes in) - First Aid, weaning, sleep & general development.

The idea of meeting local mums and learning these essential things was right up my street. So when I fell pregnant with Arthur I quickly contacted 'Lovely Lucinda' to get booked on.

And today it started. Week 1. A Meet & Greet...

I met some lovely mums and we nattered about our birth stories. People's labour experiences never cease to amaze me - all these wonder women. 

I got a fabulous goody bag, including a beautiful Mori blanket, discounts, snacks and mags. I love a goody bag. 

And, best of all, Arthur and I had some professional photos taken - piccies I will treasure.  

The learning stuff will start next week and the course will be officially underway... I look forward to the bunch of Mondays I will be spending at Hilltop studios.

I really think this is a brilliant idea and something all mums would benefit from - support (or just meeting people in your same situation) and gaining knowledge on the important baby stages we all experience or plan for.

Well done Nurturing Mum ladies, and the 'Lovely Lucinda', from one local mum to another. 

For more info or to book your own space, take a look here:

And there is also a shop with tons of lovely stuff here too: