Baked by Jo


It was a sad day when we heard Poppy Rose was closing. I loved their jam jar flowers and thought the ladies in there were lovely... but, on the bright side, their beautiful vintage roses have been replaced with gooey, yummy chocolate brownies!

Jo's opened this week and I swang by super quickly today, on route to pick up Albert from nursery.

I was greeted by Jo and her lovely mum who encouraged me to try a brownie sample, whilst I waited for my Flat White. I have to be totally honest with you, I literally couldn't help but shout "oh blimey that's good" . It was THAT yummy! ... and that was a small sample. My post baby belly wouldn't let me have a whole one, but I enjoyed a coffee as I stood chatting to Jo's Dad, who was sat outside drinking his own brew of choice, looking very European. 

Jo's parents own the jewellers opposite - Angela Rose - and seemed very proud of their daughter and her bakes. He went on to tell me she plans on expanding her range of food and has baked for many years, for markets and events, including our very own Muswell Hill markets in St James Square.

Good luck Jo. I will be back in soon to scoff your speciality brownies.