A bit of Bobs


After coming home from hospital, and the initial buzz of new baby had worn off very slightly, I got cabin fever... it's hard this bit, recovering whilst being so excited to take the new bean out and about everywhere. My husband had (and continues to be) amazing entertaining Albert, taking him on dog walks and general man errands, but I wanted air and to do something as a family...

So we hit Bobs. Taking a bus up the road to make it a mini adventure (for the kids that is, I don't get that excited about buses).

When we walked in I could still see the much loved Chooks, but the new space has heaps more warmth - pot plants across the walls, squishy cushions in the booths, a variety of vintage mirrors where the previous neon had been. There are more tables, many of which were full when we arrived at a brunch-sort-of-time, some of the friendly staff are still the same (with this being owned by the same guys as Chooks) and the much loved table football still has its little place at the back of the restaurant (which Albert ran straight to - even though I've never shown him it before!)

Food was a range of breakfasts, tasty healthy mains and salads and puds. 

The kids menu was pretty good looking too, offering mini breakfasts, burgers and small dishes. Albert went for a mini fry up, mainly because of the guaranteed baked bean eating. 

I went for an avocado, egg and feta combo - which was delicious and comes with no over-indulged guilt, and the Hubbie the breakfast bowl - which came with a 'pat-on-the-back-you've-eaten-healthy' boost.

We felt very welcome and we were not worried about Albert at all, a real family friendly atmosphere. I can see this place being just as nice in the evening, but with more of a restaurant feel, and I could imagine someone with no kids (or a lovely babysitter) loosing a few hours here over cocktails or wine with food.

Welcome Bob. I like your name, I like your character and I think you fit well in N10. Although I will miss your lovely sister Chooks. 


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