Cricks Corner

As a new, fledging fan of Bloom & Burn flowers, I headed out to find Cricks Corner coffee shop, where I had heard they'd done their flowers.

Down, tucked away somewhere behind Archway on Dartmouth Park Hill, is a sweet, small coffee shop on a little residential corner.

Greeted as soon as I walked in by both the Baristas and a Badger mat, I was quickly served a lovely Cappuccino.

I took a quick snoop around and saw there was a little area around the back where some people had set up camp for a working afternoon. Not many seats (and a bit tricky for pram sitting), but definitely a great hideaway place for remote working!

We took a little perch on the bench outside, to enjoy the last of the day's sun, and felt quite able to sit for hours watching cars sometimes passing and people going about their day-to-day business...

... but, alas, we couldn't. I sipped the last of my coffee and we continued our days adventures :)
A great little coffee shop - it would be a dream to have something like this right on my doorstep, like for many of these N19 homes.