My intro to the Mossy Well

Today we agreed to meet our neighbours at the Mossy Well for a drink. I hadn't yet been, so was excited to check out the new Wetherspoons (my Husband and I met here when it was The Village).

I was firstly amazed at how big it is! The new pub is much bigger than The Village and seems to be in (sort of) sections for drinking, food and then outdoors.

There were lots of people drinking in the first section - the feel reminded me a lot of the Oneils church pub. There were then loads of people with prams eating at the back and absolutely nobody in the garden - which will be rammed, I'm sure, in the Summer.

I had no idea the site used to be an Express Dairy and the refurb has really respected the old exterior (I found the below picture of the old Dairy on

The inside has hints of the old Dairy with milk churn seats and tables, milk bottle lights and a large cow in the garden :)

Food is (apparently) good, if you stick to typical pub grub, and the beer was also lovely (says my husband).

The meaning of the 'Mossy Well' did seem a little secondary - but they do have a well in the garden and I like that you're greeted with the origination of the Muswell Hill name as you drive up the hill and enter the town.