Flesh & Flour do wine and tapas!

Think of Spanish Tapas... yum... and then think of a British spin... yum yum. 

Think coffee shop... but switch out the coffee for wine, and the cake & sarnies for meat & cheese.

And that's what this is. Flesh & Flour are going to be open on Friday nights, as a relaxed and informal wine bar, with accompanying tapas. No booking required...  exactly the same set-up as in the daytime, but with a menu of fizz, red & white wine and salads, cheese & meat boards.

My husband and I are lucky enough to have a lovely neighbour, who babysat whilst we popped up to Flesh & Flour's teaser night on Friday 24th March. We arrived at 7.30pm and bagged the last (but one) table. We decided to have a little wine (me a very little) and order food casually over our time there. We went on to enjoy...

A mixed plate of meat and cheese, Goats cheese & rhubarb on toast, Purple sprouting broccoli with anchovy dressing, Roast potatoes & gravy, Heirloom tomato and bread salad & a Goats cheese, fig & walnut salad... finished nicely with a Rhubarb & granola fool.

The atmosphere was super relaxed and we felt no pressure to clear off. The idea is brilliant and suits anyone looking for an after dinner drink, a casual drink with friends, or a couple looking for dinner. 

This is another great place for Muswell Hill, filling our N10 need for somewhere to have a glass of wine to celebrate the start of the weekend.

Watch this space for the official opening. They expect to start this sometime in May, every Friday from 7-11pm.