Bloom and Burn flowers

You've probably noticed I've been talking a lot about these guys... That's because I really do love what they do.

I ordered an 'At Home' flower service and, on the Friday, a whole bunch of beautiful flowers arrived to fill my house with colour.

This florist is slightly different to others - although they do bunches of flowers (to order, they don't have a store), their main unique offer is a weekly or fortnightly flower delivery service.

They come and spec your place out, and then deliver a range of flowers for select rooms in your house, supplying beautiful vases to best suit the space and stems...

...And stems is the thing. They select single flower stems to make beautiful, simple arrangements, which make a room quite 'Instagram-able'! ;)

They really do make a difference. Our lounge, kitchen and bedroom felt fresh, different and better for these flowers... And, all this for £30 (which I think is quite reasonable).

I will be doing this again and will keep them in my pile of gift ideas, for local friends.

Take a look here for more info - they are also on Instagram and Twitter (@bloomandburn) and are worth a follow.