The Zoe range

There are two little ladies in my life who I adore - Anna (12 years old) and Zoe (10 years old).
I feel totally lucky that I can now call them my nieces :)

A few weeks back I was pretty chuffed to have Zoe come and hang out with me.
I was working on the blog that day, so we decided to come up with a range of posters, picking statements Zoe liked.

I promised I would add them to the shop... and, any money made, would go directly to her. 

She picked her favourite statements, which sum her up completely... she's a class girl.
enuinely fun to be around.

It was such a lovely day - I would happily have her over every day, to come up with fresh, new and cheeky ideas.

If you fancy one... just click on the pic and it will go through to the store.

Thanks Zo Zo. Big love xxx