The legendary Pancake!

After posting a pic of this on Instagram, I had lots of people message me for the recipe... So, here it is. 

I must firstly give credit to my friend Jo, who inspired me with the Pancake idea, after giving Albert one of her homemade Banana & Blueberry ones!

They really are so simple. You just start with 3 things:

1 cup of whole milk
1 cup of self raising flour (I use Wholemeal)
1 egg

You can then add whatever you fancy... I have tried:

Spinach, Peas and grated Mozzarella. 
(I buy my spinach pre cut, wilted and frozen (changed my life), so just cook it down, with the peas before starting)

Sweetcorn, Feta and Spinach. 

Blueberry & Mashed up Banana.

... Just mix it all up and ladle into a preheated frying pan, flipping over until cooked - try not to fiddle with them so they stay nice and round :)

Plate them up and get busy eating (or store in the fridge for later).

Enjoy xx