Mothers Day

Mothers Day feels different this year, now that I am a Mum. But it actually makes me think more about my own Mum. I feel like I've now a better understanding of what she's done for us and I appreciate the fab things we did as kids.... things I can't wait to do with my son.

I grew up in a very creative household, with both my parents trained designers - my Dad in Industrial Design and my Mum in Textile Design. 

I'm super proud of who my Mum is and see her as the most beautiful person. I always have. She has always been the Mum all my friends have loved and has crazy good skills in loads of things - knitting (faster than I've ever seen a person knit), pattern publisher (back in the day), dressmaking, painting, illustrating, designing, crochet-ing, screen-printing (we used to do it as kids!), fabric printing, book illustrating, baker, keen gardener, wow... there's probably more.... but you get the gist.

She's always been very patient, understanding and accommodating, and has let us lead our lives in whichever way we choose (she used to let me take over the lounge, for large chunks of time, so my friends could come and stay and we could sit watching MTV back-to-back).

And now here we are. She is a Granny to 3 little ones. And I really hope I can be as good a Mum to my son.

I thought I'd ask her a few tips this Mothers Day... and this is what she said...

What have you enjoyed most about being a Mum?
Seeing my children blossom
What does "being a good Mum" mean to you?
Being there when needed
What's been your hardest motherhood challenge?
Letting go
What were your proudest moments?
Seeing my children happy and sharing with their children
Is there anything you'd have done differently raising us?
Spent more time with you all
Have you a life lesson you'd want us kids to learn from?
See the best in people
What's the best tip you can give us for being good Mums?
Give the child space for them to be themselves – be there, but let go

What was the best thing you learnt from your Mum?
Patience & fortitude

What's the one thing you wish you'd asked her?
What it was like for her, her challenges and inspiration (there is so much I'd like to ask her).

Love you Mum xxxx