Our Cottage London

I had the dog today so headed out with the pram and dog in tow, walking to the bottom of Ali Pali.

After the pooch had a good old run around, I decided to grab a coffee from The Cottage on Crescent Road...

I was immediately greeted by the nicest guys - Gary, Derek and John. I ordered a Cappucino and, whilst I waited, got chatting to one of the owners.

The place is apparently owned by 6 people, all with different backgrounds and passions...

Gary and John built most of the shop, including a cute little train set that runs along the top shelf.

They are super passionate about eating clean and are running seminars on Raw food and the purity of our water. They are the most uplifting people, working to the motto 'Love & Gratitude' for some of the fab things they do (distilling their own water).

The coffee was great! I left with a big smile on my face :)