A life-changing approach to tidying

I have never been a very tidy person. I have never been very organised. ess is never really "on view", but instead I create piles of paper and shove clothes behind my wardrobe doors.

My husband is the opposite of me, super tidy and boarder-line OCD... my "piles of paper" and hoarding of clothing has always been a major bugbear.

I've tried various things - chucking out something when I buy something. Storing things and binning them if they don't get used / are forgotten about. Storing Summer vs. Winter stuff. But, nothing has ever worked. My main issue being that I always bundle loads of emotions into a single item. Often I would end up saying to my Husband "can you bin this when I'm not watching".

But then I brought Marie Kondo's book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying, and it has literally changed me!

I was reminded about the book recently when I saw one of her articles in a Sunday supplement (I think she's about to bring out a new book). So I pulled her book from our bookshelf and got reading.

I felt so excited when I went to bed as I could tell her wise words were working on me, mainly because she matches emotional baggage with emotional rationale...

Does it bring you joy? The question she suggests you ask yourself as you touch each item you own.
My answer was too frequently "no" - clothes which made me look boyish, childish, fatish, frumpyish.

She also suggests you ask yourself why you want to tidy. My answer was to have more pride in my home and have a nicer experience when I got dressed in the morning - I also wanted to be more efficient so I could get back to being mum.

10 charity bags and 4 bin bags later, I was done. I then got to work folding EVERYTHING as she says, presenting clothes like a filing cabinet, as opposed to a shop shelf. 

Wow - I honestly feel like I'm now a "proper grown up" and I have a rush of pride and happiness each time I open my wardrobe.

Highly recommended - The Life Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo.
Videos on her folding technique are on redonline.co.uk (http://www.redonline.co.uk/health-self/self/marie-kondo-how-to-declutter-your-wardrobe