Crustless Quiche

I wanted to have something a little different for lunch today and my mum gave me a lovely tart tin which I hadn't yet put to use.

So I set out to make a quiche and, as it's January, thought I'd opt out of the yummy crusty part.

I found a recipe on and got all the bits from our lovely little Waitrose.

I firstly warmed the dish in the oven and then oiled it for a bit of grease!

I then cut up a bunch of stuff and bundled it into the base of the dish, in the following order:

3 red onions, chopped up

100g cherry tomatoes halved

85g of torn apart Parma ham

100g of crumbled feta

Some mint leaves

I then poured over a beaten mix of 5 eggs and 4 tbsp of milk.

I baked it at 180 degrees until it had risen and was all brown and cooked through :)

I then served up with some rocket and beetroot.

It was basically like an omelette - but I enjoyed it enough to not even think about the missing delights of crunchy crust.