Gousto greatness

Before our little guy arrived, our dinners for the week varied from take-always, meals out, or the Waitrose oven dishes with veg on the side!

Every day we'd decide what to have for dinner that evening, and then we'd have to visit the shops and stock up on all the ingredients (or spend money getting food in).

We've always loved our food, but in the week it'd often become "another thing to think about" and, because of our rubbish planning, would cost excessive amounts. We'd also end up binning too much of the leftover ingredients, as they'd expire before we'd get the chance to eat it all.

After getting a flyer for Hello Fresh, we gave them a go. We thought they were great but that the majority of meals were quite similar and 'stir fry' based.

I then read somewhere about Gousto. I liked that you could pick your own recipes (which you couldn't previously with Hello Fresh) and that they felt small and new... so we gave them a go!

Gousto basically works like this:

1. You pick meals for the week (I do mine via an app). You can order up to 4 meals for 2-4 people, at £5 per head.

At this stage you can also pick any "extras" like chocolate, salt or kitchen utensils (this has proved useful for last minute present buying!!).

2. A big box arrives with all the ingredients for your meals, perfectly measured for the recipes, with step-by-step instructions.

3. You get cooking! Most of the meals take about 30-40mins and we basically work through our selection in the order of sell-by dates.

This week we had: Sausage and Bean mash, Tom Kerridges Chicken and Lamb Curry.

The food is super tasty (although I'm not the best cook and have messed a few up!). We've also learnt how to make some things we hadn't before and used parts of the recipes (like sauces) for other meals.

The only criticism I've heard (from a friend) is that it takes the creativity out of cooking. But, for me, it's the opposite. The recipes help me to make an (almost) guaranteed tasty dinner and then I can mix it up with extra bits if I fancy... But, I must admit, my friend is a much better cook then me!

They run all sorts of deals, so it's worth a look on their site (www.gousto.co.uk) and they also have a voucher at the moment - a potential Christmas present!

Gotta dash - got a Gousto cooking!