Muswell Hill Shopping bag

Growing up in Hertfordshire, and then moving around North London for about 8 years, Muswell Hill was an unknown place to me...

I saw it as 'the place on the hill' with lots of chain shops and wide streets :) 

hen we moved here my view stayed much the same - I didn't have time to explore as I was heading into London each day for work. 

When I was pregnant, I discovered there was a really strong community for mums (expecting, new and experienced!). I loved getting to know people and have made some fabulous friends :)

But, from my experience, I feel these communities are in specific clusters - mums, local businesses, people who grew up here. The old me didn't feel part of a community and I didn't know there were so many fabulous, independent shops in and around the area.

Since having my son, I see Muswell Hill so differently and I've completely fallen in love with the place.

So, I decided to design and print a local bag. This bag represents all of US in and around Muswell Hill. The bag is designed to makes US all feel part of something and to share more about the area...

Inside the bag is an envelope, containing local offers from some of my favourite places. These are some of the independents who have made me bond with the area, build my own mini community and, many of them, have sold me lots of delicious coffee when I haven't slept (pretty much most days).

... and, with these offers, and a little info on them all, you have a shortcut to trying some of our fabulous local places too!

Plus, I'm also running a competition - take some pictures with your bag, posting to Social Media with the hashtag #USinMuswell. I will then select one person to win a Muswell Hill goodie parcel with lovely things from the area - I haven't created it yet, but I promise it will be good!

Buy your bag by clicking here. Plus it's soon to be stocked at Flesh & Flour, Nati's and La Dinette.

Spread the word - with lots of local love xxxx

This bag was screen-printed by BIDBI - A lovely company in Sheffield, who print and supply Eco friendly, 100% Fairtrade Certified, Organic cotton bags.