Truffle making

I love a truffle! And they are super easy to make...

I usually make them with equal cream to chocolate, and a couple of knobs of butter... A good quantity to go by is:

300ml double cream

300ml dark chocolate (anything from 70% up)

50g butter


You firstly melt the butter in the cream, and then add the chocolate chunks until it's all melted down.

Once off the heat, you can now add any extras you fancy. This time I made one plain and one orange version...

For the orangey one, I used the zest and juice of one orange.

Next pop in the fridge to set (usually takes about 4-5 hours).

Once ready, leave at room temperature for 5-10 mins and start scooping little chocolate balls (I use an ice cream scoop).

To the side pop some cocoa powder on a plate (you can also add nuts, like pecans, if you fancy... or anything you fancy for that matter).

Roll your choc balls in the powder and pop back in the fridge until you are ready to get scoffing :)