Footprints at Zebra

Today my husband and I went to Zebra on Alexandra Park Road and got our paint on, preparing a couple of Christmas goodies.

We arrived and quickly ordered coffee to help forget our bad nights sleep.

We were then asked to choose the items we wanted to paint, from a large array of goodies - mugs, coasters, tea pots, egg cups, butter dishes, dog bowls, Christmas baubles... And the list goes on...

We picked a couple of coasters and a bauble and selected our colours from their colour mugs!

The lady then painted our little mans feet and got printing (although you can get painting anything!).

Once the feet were printed we were reassured they'd tidy up the smudges and we opted to write on the items ourselves!

Costing £29 (items + £5 studio fee per painter), we'll be back to pick up the fruits of our labour in a couple of weeks! Fab Saturday activity :)

Em Wainwright