Banana & Date bread

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 20.42.52.png

I came a cross this lovely recipe on Papaya_Sunshine's Instagram account and thought I'd give it a go today... so I strolled up to Muswell Hill this morning and brought the ingredients from Waitrose, Holland & Barrett and Planet Organic - I noticed that I have managed to collect a loyalty card for each of these shops:

Waitrose: 10% off certain things + free mag / newpapaer and coffee if I want one
Holland & Barrett: Points which add up to money off
Planet Organic: Muswell Hill mums card, giving me 10% off

I then headed back and got baking. It worked out ok, but I struggled with the cooking time (we have a new oven, so I was learning how to use that too!). Nice to eat something sweet without the guilt though. I am going to make her chocolate cake next!

Em Wainwright