Birchbox binge

When I decided I wouldn't go back to my day job, I definitely felt a wave of panic about no regular income. I have always been a shopper. I get a crazy feeling of happiness when I walk into a shop with oodles of products that appeal to me. Skipping around would definitely be an expression of the happiness, but it feels inappropriate. Now a full time mum, restraining from shopping has been difficult and less fun.

We are now expecting another little member to join our gang and, as I sat there one night growing a tummy, I decided it would be nice to have a small piece of that 'shopping pie' once more - something that would come through my door and give me a mini version of that happy skip at home.

I thought about magazine subscriptions. But they are full of adverts. I thought of a flower delivery. But there's something nice about going to a florist. And then Birchbox perfectly timed an ad. Well done Birchbox. I have now subscribed.

For those of you who haven't heard of them, Birchbox are a monthly subscription, posting you a box of small beauty and make-up products. It costs £10 a month (+ delivery) and you are guaranteed 5 products in each box.

This month I received a mix of stuff, and thought I'd share what they were and what I thought of them...

Kebelo Clarifying Shampoo

This is a shampoo which you use to cleanse your hair of all the products you've been using. 

I have just had my hair cut short, so I've been shoving in tons of hairspray and styling cream, so this was a bit of a well timed treat... it made my hair super soft and, with sensitive skin, I was pleased it was gentle on my scalp too.


Vasanti Brighten Up! Cleanser

This is an exfoliating cleanser, which is said to make you look like you've just left a spa...

My skin is super sensitive, so I was a little nervous when I first put this on - it felt quite harsh (compared to exfoliators I have previously bought) but afterwards my skin did feel soft. 

rom reading a little more about it, I think the benefits take a while to see, so I will keep it up and hope it stays kind to me.


Lord & Berry Conceal-It Crayon

This is one of those pencil concealer sticks...

nfortunately the colour wasn't a good match for me. But I do like the Lord & Berry brand, so I am sure the product would be a hit if you've the chance to pick a tone.

I must admit though, I do miss the feeling of layering tons of concealer on with these sticks. But maybe that's a good thing as I'm sure I look rather patchy in the cold light of day.


NUXE Huile Prodigieuse® Shimmer

Oh la la... shimmer!! This is described as nourishing essential oils for body, skin and hair.

have eyed this up before. More for weddings and holidays. So I was chuffed to get this one this month. 

I loved it. It didn't make my skin shimmery, but instead made it soft and smell pretty. I think I'll be buying a big one of these some day soon.


Ciaté London Fierce Flicks Eyeliner

A liquid liner, which was a bonus extra in this months box. I haven't used liner since my time of nights "out-out". But I thought I'd have a little play, even if the postman was the only person to see the result. 

Easy to apply (very much like a pen) and it stuck around once on... which I know I would have appreciated in my "dancing like nobody's watching" days.


Merci Handy Hand Cream

This is lovely - a 'full size' hand lotion - smells yummy and made my hands super smooth. It is just the right size for your nappy bag too. Or bag. It doesn't have to contain nappies. But it is a perfectly timed goodie for this fre-fre-freezing weather.