Build a 1st Library Baby Shower

My sister is expecting a new little one to arrive and join her lovely family later this week...

She is an amazing mum, who often helps guide me on my new experience, so I didn't feel a standard baby shower would be needed - there doesn't feel much we can guide or teach her!

So I decided to throw a party where we build the babies first library... 

I asked everyone to bring a favourite book. I brought library cards so guests could write notes to the baby, and we presented them to my sister on the day.

I also planned a few games; a children's book quiz, colour your own bookmark, build a 'baby predictions' book, and then, as the final and main game...

... I separated the group into teams and asked them to write a simple short story about the arrival of the new baby, using Toucan's as characters (I promise they had some relevance). My mum is an illustrator, so I asked her to illustrate the characters to help spark some ideas.

We then asked the Grannies to judge the stories and the winner is now being designed and illustrated by myself and my mum. We plan to print the book for my sister and the new little bean asap (I'll share an update once complete).

For decorations, I made some book bunting, from coloured card and old book pages, and some book paper chains and table confetti.

The day seemed to go well and my sister left with a huge pile of lovely books, all with individual sentiment and best wishes from her nearest and dearest.