My 'Boxed Gift' Christmas

I love gift packaging - I literally order stuff from websites that I think will send products in nice boxes and tissue paper.

So, every year when I wrap Christmas gifts, I think the present feels underwhelming when you can just pull the paper off and there it is!

So, this year, I brought 10 white boxes from eBay to put pressies in.

I brought a permanent marker and drew on each box according to the gift / recipient.

A baby girl: a colouring-in box (inside was a babygrow).

My bro: a drawing of an old camera (inside were custom camera straps).

My crafty mum: a colouring in box, drawn with things that she loves (inside some colouring-in books and nice pens).

My quirky friend (who jokes that he doesn't like Christmas): a Bah Humbug box (inside was a rubber band gun and creepy crawlies book).

A close friend: a box with her name (inside some nice goodies).

It was a lot of fun and I felt it made the gifts more personal and different.

I am going to order a bunch more and keep it up for birthdays this year!