Buddy gets engaged

A very dear friend of mine has recently got engaged, so I went out with her for dinner to celebrate.

I took a little goodie package with me and a bunch of flowers...

I brought some note pads from Oliver Bonas in Muswell Hill, one for planning and one for memories (when I was engaged I wrote down nice experiences and messages I received and am so pleased I did as it helps me to remember things :) )

I added a couple of starter notes in the pad and also gave her a shopping list book so she can jot down what she needs.

I made an envelope from wrapping paper, also brought from Oliver Bonas, and popped some foam hearts in there too, which I brought from 'For Arts Sake' (which she loved the most).

I picked out some flowers from the florist and cut them down to make a little bunch of flowers for her and popped in a bar of pink Seed and Bean chocolate from Planet Organic.